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Our General Gardening Products 

Our premium gardening products are made at our custom developed site in the Taranaki region of Aotearoa New Zealand. Our potting mixes, seed raising mixes, mulches, decorative garden barks and composts can be bought in bags or bulk, and can be picked up from our site, bought from our nationwide and international network of distributors, or we can deliver them throughout New Zealand and around the world.

For more information of Kiwi Orchid Bark please see additional tabs. 

Decorative Garden Bark (Nuggets)

Decorative bark (or nuggets) is great for those areas of your garden you want to show off and look smart. There are three different size grades: No#3 (8-20 mm), No#4 (20-25 mm) and No#5 (25-60 mm).   


If you're using weed mat, the nuggets will need to be laid about 75 mm (3 inches) thick to effectively suppress weeds. About 100 mm (4 inches) is recommended if no weed mat is used. As a rule: You need 1 cubic metre for every 10 squared meters at 100 mm thickness! 

Playground Bark

Our Playground Bark is long lasting, doesn't turn to mush like other playground wood chip and is NZS 5828:2015 certified. It comprises of premium bark pieces (20-25 mm), with a measured amount of our finest fine mulch to help with shock absorption, and to help bind the bark together so it stays put. 

This product is stock dependent so feel free to give us a call and we will discuss availability and options with you. 

Potting Mixes

Our potting mixes are outstanding and will absolutely make your plants thrive. There are two types of potting mixes you can purchase from us: 

1. Custom made mixes that we can develop according to your growing needs (we're happy to help develop something just for you, these mixes don't usually cost more than our standard ones!). 

2.  One of our tried and tested recipes such as vegetable mixes, native mixes, palm mixes, general potting mixes (and many more). 

Our potting mixes have a Growers Bark base (also called CAN fines) which consists of crushed pine bark mixed with Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, that is composted over a 3-4 month period. It is independently tested before use and is regularly checked for pH, electrical conductivity and nutrient levels.

To make our potting mixes we add things such as high quality peat and fertilizers, coarse or fine pumice, lime, dolomite and other goodies that make plants flourish.

Seed Raising Mix

Our Seed Raising Mix is made using a tried and tested recipe with proven results and a great germination rate.

The mix consists of a Growers Bark base, with added high quality peat, fine pumice, and a variety of fertilizers to help your seeds thrive.

We can custom the mix if needed, adding fungicide or a array of controlled release fertilisers. 

Fine Mulch

Fine mulch is the smaller of our two mulches. It is great for suppressing weeds and keeping moisture in. It will slowly decompose over two or three years and feeds the soil as it breaks down.

It's great around orchard trees or native seedlings, in the vegetable garden, flower beds, and tiding up pathways or other areas of a garden. 

For best results, spread 100mm (4 inches) thick and as a rule you need 1 cubic metre for every 10 metres squared.

Coarse Mulch

Coarse mulch is a cost effective way to suppress weeds, lock in moisture and tidy up large areas. Due to its larger size it is long lasting, binds together well, and is great for wind exposed gardens.

It can be used anywhere were weeds need to be suppressed, and/or moisture retained, such as drive ways, banks and large exposed garden areas.

Our coarse mulch is ideal for calf bedding sheds and other animal bedding as it keeps animals warm and is well draining. After two seasons the fertilised mulch can be used in the garden to suppress weeds, lock in moisture and fertlise plants. 

Bulk discount available.

Aged Bark Compost

Our aged bark compost is great for boosting sandy/clay soils and is an all round great soil improver for your garden. It gives the worms something to dig into, stimulates micro organism growth and, unlike many other composts, is weed free. 

Our compost consists of aged Pinus Radiata bark that is left to naturally decompose for 6-10 + years. We add lime, dolomite and gypsum to the aged bark base to increase the pH, making nutrients more bioavailable. Gypsum also helps break down clay soils. These fertilisers can be omitted on request. 

Coarse and Fine Pumice

Top quality pumice from the centre of the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. Available in bulk or bags, in two grades Fine (1-2 mm) and Coarse (1-7 mm). 

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