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Aotearoa New Zealand Distributors

Our network of New Zealand based distributors stock both Kiwi Orchid Bark and our other premium gardening products. 


Note: we often supply Kiwi Orchid Bark to regional Orchid Societies not listed here. Feel free to contact your local branch or us directly to see who may have some Kiwi Orchid Bark you can buy near you. 

Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients

222 Kilkenny Drive,

East Tamaki Heights,

Auckland, 2016

PH: 027 453 0024

Ninox Orchids

692 Mangakahia Road,

Whangarei, 0179

PH: 09 434 7644

Bin Inn Waitara

 61 McLean Street,

Waitara 432

PH: 06 754 9000

Tuckers Orchid Nursery

1370 East Coast Road,


Auckland, 0794

PH: 09 473 8629

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