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Aotearoa new Zealand's sustainable and renewable pine plantations

Quality Bark Products made from the renewable Pinus Radiata plantation forests of Aotearoa New Zealand

Bark Products Taranaki generate bark products made from Aotearoa New Zealand's sustainable Pinus Radiata plantations. Our products include mulches, potting mixes, compost, playground barks and the world famous Kiwi Orchid Bark, which we sell to New Zealand based customers and export around the world.


We are a proudly family owned and operated company and pride ourselves on our excellent customer care, high quality products and the sustainable nature of our business. Our products have an exceptional reputation in New Zealand and around the world, and we take care that every product we sell and deliver is high quality and will meet the needs of our customer. 

We sell to wholesale and retail customers around New Zealand and the world

Interested in our products? No matter if you're a New Zealand based backyard grower, a commercial nursery, an orchid lover in Singapore or a distributor in Germany, we can get our products you! Our products can be bought in bags or bulk, direct from our Waitara based site, shipped to you anywhere in the world, or brought from any of our New Zealand based and international distributors. 

Get in touch and we'll work together to make your goals happen. 

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